About the Worldwide Community

Worldwide community of God's new message

The Worldwide Community (WWC) is an open community of people from all nations, cultures and faith traditions who seek to receive, study and live the New Message from God. The Worldwide Community is open to anyone who seeks to sincerely engage with the texts, teachings and pathway of God’s New Message.

God has spoken again, and God is calling for a Worldwide Community of people to gather in support of the mission of the Message and Messenger, to be the first students and practitioners of the New Message and to share this Revelation with others, working in concert with The Messenger and The Society. Here the men and women of the Worldwide Community are pioneering a new understanding and experience of God, spirituality and human destiny.

The WWC is forming at a critical turning point, when the world is facing its greatest evolutionary threshold in history. Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of life in the universe and yet is unprepared. Humanity is facing the Great Waves of change: growing economic upheaval, accelerating climate change and resource depletion. Religious division and violence are growing around the world at a time when greater unity and cooperation are needed as never before. At the same time, a great spiritual poverty is felt by people around the globe. It is for these reasons that God has spoken again.

The WWC of the New Message is a vital link in the transmission of God’s New Message into the world. It is this community that will extend the Message in alignment with the Messenger and The Society to reach people in every corner of the world.

It is the ability of the WWC to receive and support the Message and the Messenger that will be crucial in bringing God’s Revelation in its pure form to the world at this time. Thus, it is the task of this community to study, to practice and to live the New Message and to be advocates for Knowledge and for world awareness of the New Message and its Messenger.

The students of the WWC provide vital support for The Society for the New Message, the organization at the core of this mission to bring God’s New Message to the world. Ultimately, it is the work and contribution of the Messenger, The Society and the WWC that will root the New Message in the world and make it a vital, living force down through generations. With this, its deepest gifts flower and bear fruit, blessing the lives of countless people and ultimately changing the course of human history according to God’s greater Plan for the world.

Who We Are

We are a diverse, global community of people who come from all walks of life, faith traditions and socio-economic backgrounds. We are Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist, and people of no faith tradition. We are young parents, single mothers, teachers, business people, farmers, cabinet makers, unemployed people, nurses, students, artists and retired people. We recognize that God has spoken again to humanity and that God’s Messenger is alive in the world today. We share the common awareness that we are living at a time of revelation.

The Worldwide Community of the New Message spans the entire globe. We are people from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. We speak Arabic, Swahili, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Spanish, French, Turkish and many other languages as well. Whether in London, Sao Paulo, Denver or Riyadh, we learn, live and share the New Message from where we are with others around the world.

We recognize that the Creator is giving a New Revelation of a size, scope and magnitude not seen on Earth before. This is a New Revelation from God for our times and for the difficult times we face ahead. We seek to study this New Message and bring its prophecy, wisdom, power and practices into our lives, families, faith traditions and into the world’s awareness.

How We Live

The WWC seeks to fulfill the sacred mandate that the New Message from God be brought to all the peoples of Earth who seek it. Though as students of the WWC, we live around the world in a diversity of circumstances and life situations, we all seek to uphold the following pillars of participation.

  1. Studenthood: we seek to learn and live the New Message by studying its texts and teachings and by following its spiritual pathway for our lives. With this, we practice Steps to Knowledge, the Great Practices and seek to build the Four Pillars of our lives. We seek to follow the guidance of Knowledge in our work, interactions and participation in life. In addition, we endeavor to follow the teachings and example of the Messenger.
  2. Relationship: we seek to build and uphold our relationship to God, the Angelic Assembly, Knowledge, the Messenger, The Society, the Worldwide Community of students and with all humanity and the world itself, which we are here to serve.
  3. Advocacy: we work to advocate for the New Message from God and what it teaches for both the individual and the whole world. With this, we seek to make known that God has spoken again, that God has sent a New Message, a New Messenger and with them, a new way forward for each person and ultimately for the whole world.
  4. Service: we work to serve the world, either by assisting The Society in the direct mission of bringing God’s New Message to the world or through other avenues of vital service that meet the needs of people and the Earth, with the New Message as our guide and inspiration. We seek to find and fulfill this service according to the guidance of Knowledge, our nature and design and the needs of humanity.
  5. Giving: we give financially to support the emergence of the New Message in the world and the work of The Society, at any level, however great or small, according to Knowledge and our own practical needs in the world.

What We Practice

Steps to Knowledge

Steps to Knowledge is a journey of 365 steps/practices and is the core text of the New Message pathway of learning and living.

Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training continues the study in Steps through a series of 84 additional steps/practices.

The Great Practices

Going beneath the surface of the mind to experience the presence and will of Knowledge within us.

We practice stilling the mind in many kinds of situations to be able to see clearly and recognize the evidence of Knowledge within us and within others.

Inner Listening
We practice inner listening in our engagements in the world to discern the truth or errors in our thinking, decisions and actions and that of others. With this, we can begin to discern the movement of Knowledge within us and around us.

We stop on the hour to rest our mind, to recognize where we are, what we are doing and to see if there is anything Knowledge is indicating for us to see, know or do.

We practice seeing beyond the constraints of the mind, looking for greater insight or understanding regarding situations, dilemmas and conflicts that are long-range in nature, out beyond the immediate horizon of our lives. In this way, we can sense the overall direction of our world and how we must prepare now for eventualities in the future. Seeing can involve experiences of remarkable insight beyond the normal parameters of time and space. This capability is made possible by Knowledge. These experiences require ongoing contemplation and consideration.

We take time and care to objectively consider the meaning and merit of our own actions and decisions, questions and needs, and the actions of others. In addition, we practice contemplating experiences of Knowledge to understand them and know how and when to take action. Along with this, we contemplate certain areas of the New Message which hold special meaning for our studenthood and development as people of the New Message.

Discernment and Discretion
We take time and care to objectively discern what is before us and what we are seeing in others. With discretion, we seek to be self-aware and to know what we are saying and doing in any given situation. In this way, we maintain our inner connection with Knowledge while engaging with the world.

Decision Making
We bring the many questions and decisions of our lives to Knowledge so that it may guide our actions and shape our lives to prepare us to discover and follow our greater purpose for being in the world.

The Four Pillars
Our lives and purpose are built upon Four Pillars: Work and Providership, Mental and Physical Health, Relationships, and Spiritual Development. Strong Pillars enable us to have a strong foundation in our lives and to be free for a greater service in the world. We recognize we cannot bypass the development of any of these Four Pillars, even if in service to the New Message.

The Watchtower
We cultivate a wise understanding of the past and a keen vision of our future. We practice looking ahead so that we may see what is coming over the horizon of our immediate future and prepare for the eventualities, opportunities and difficulties that may arise. This will enable us to prepare wisely for the future, using the power of Knowledge that God has given us.

We seek to cultivate a higher degree of honesty and awareness about our thoughts, states and conditions of mind, as well as the overall condition of our life. We do this so that we can make constructive changes in our lives to be capable and ready to participate in the world.

What We Hold to be True

God is the Creator of the universe in all its dimensions and the Source of Knowledge in all sentient beings. God is not a personage or a singular awareness, but instead a pervasive force and reality that permeates all life, existing beyond the limited boundaries of all theology and religious understanding. God speaks to the deepest part of each person through the power of Knowledge that lives within them. Learn more…

The New Message from God
God has sent a New Revelation, a Teaching and a Pathway to rekindle humanity’s relationship with the Creator as we face life in a turbulent and declining world. The New Message comes with the Will and Power of God to renew the world’s religions, to end our ceaseless conflicts and to call forth the greater gifts that each person has brought into the world. The New Message is the largest Revelation of its kind ever to be given to humanity. Learn more…

The Angelic Assembly
An Angelic Presence watches over our world. The Assembly overseeing our world has translated the Will of God throughout our history and now for our time through the New Message from God. Learn more…

The Messenger
God has sent a Messenger into the world to receive The New Message from God. His name is Marshall Vian Summers and he is the first of God’s Messengers ever to reveal the reality of the Greater Community of life in the universe. He is alive in the world today and needs our support. Learn more…

God’s Past Messengers and Revelations
God has initiated all the world’s great religions, sending into the world Messengers, each from the Angelic Assembly, chosen, prepared and sent to receive God’s Revelations at great turning points in humanity’s history and evolution. Learn more…

Greater Community
Our world is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Our isolation is over, yet we are unaware and unprepared. God has provided the revelation regarding what we need to know about this larger arena of life and a preparation each person can undertake for our destined encounter with life beyond our world. Learn more…

Knowledge is the greater intelligence within us, a deeper mind beyond the intellect. It is our direct connection to God. Knowledge represents the part of us that has never left God and is still connected to God’s Will and Presence. Learn more…

Purpose and Destiny
Each of us has been sent into the world for a greater purpose, waiting to be discovered. This greater purpose resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in Knowledge that lives deep within us. Learn more…

Relationships and Higher Purpose
Each of us has a destiny with certain individuals to accomplish certain things in accordance with our greater purpose and the needs of the world that we are here to serve. Learn more…

Great Waves of Change
We stand at the threshold of Great Waves of environmental, economic and political change and upheaval, which will alter the face of the Earth. Humanity must now prepare and cooperate sufficiently to prevent great conflict, suffering and the decline of human civilization. Learn more…

Mental Environment
We live in both a mental and physical environment. The mental environment contains forces that affect our thinking and emotions and that can dominate us until we become strong with Knowledge. Learn more…

Greater Darkness
An Intervention is underway by certain races from the Greater Community who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity as it faces the Great Waves of change. As the native peoples of this world, we are called upon to vocally oppose this Intervention, to alert and educate others, and to help build human unity in the face of this, humanity’s greatest challenge. Learn more…

The Allies of Humanity
Knowing that humanity is facing an Intervention, God has called upon those free races within our region of space to send their wisdom and guidance to enable humanity to offset the Intervention and prepare for our future and destiny as a free race in the Greater Community. This wisdom and guidance have been provided to the Messenger, who has come into the world to bring Greater Community awareness, wisdom and spirituality to humanity. Learn more…

Spiritual Family
We are each part of a Spiritual Family, created after the Separation to enable all individuals to work towards greater states of union and relationship, undertaken over a long span of time, culminating in our final return to God. Our Spiritual Family represents the relationships we have reclaimed through Knowledge during our long journey through Separation. Some members of our Spiritual Family are in the world and some are beyond the world. The Spiritual Families are a part of the mysterious Plan of God to free and reunite all those living in Separation. Learn more…

Ancient Home
Our Ancient Home is a state of connection and relationship with our Spiritual Family, The Assembly and God. Sometimes referred to as Heaven, Ancient Home is a state of awareness and relationship we each had before entering the world, and to which we each will return after this life. Learn more…

The Mission of the Worldwide Community

We are joined through the mysterious presence of Knowledge, our God connection, that moves us to study, translate, support, protect and be witnesses to the New Message from God and its Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. To accomplish this:

  • We endeavor to learn and live the New Message in every aspect of our lives.
  • We seek to build certainty, stability and a network of purposeful relationships.
  • We live simply and in a sustainable manner to help ensure the survival of the human family and the preservation of the Earth.
  • We learn to follow Knowledge as the source of our strength, wisdom and fulfillment, understanding that Knowledge connects us with God and our greater purpose in life.
  • We support each other in our studenthood in the New Message and our practice of Steps to Knowledge, the New Message pathway of spiritual development.
  • We support all those who enter the WWC, encouraging their strength and studenthood in taking this greater journey in life.
  • We seek to be conduits for Knowledge and to embody its wisdom so that we may be of service to all people with whom we come in contact.
  • We share the New Message with others in order to fulfill God’s intention for bringing it to humanity in these times of great and unprecedented need in the world.
  • We translate the words of God’s New Message and the words of the Messenger into our languages and share its wisdom and profound Revelation with others in our city, region, country and world.
  • We recognize and speak for the reality of the Messenger and support his essential work in the world. In this way, we stand by him.
  • We support The Society in their mission of bringing God’s New Revelation at this time when it is most greatly needed.

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