Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe

The Allies of Humanity Book Four is now available

On September 15, 2019, Marshall Vian Summers released the fourth set of Briefings The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe. The Society for the New Message and readers of the Allies around the world are helping Marshall present this new set of Briefings to as many people as possible. Donate to support this effort to present Allies Book Four.

Help Marshall Vian Summers present the fourth set of Briefings from the
Allies of Humanity to the world

Why this is important

Human sovereignty and freedom are at great risk in the world today. There are forces, both human and non-human who are undermining human unity and threatening humanity’s future as a free world. The Allies Briefings are a key antidote to the activities of these forces and provide an answer to the problem of the Alien Intervention taking place in the world today.

The four books from the Allies present the clearest assessment of the UFO phenomenon available in the world today. As public interest in the reality of UFOs and alien contact grows, this is a critical time for more people to read the Allies message and become aware of the reality they present.

Eight years after their third set of Briefings were given, the Allies came again with a new set of Briefings speaking of the major requirements for humanity to secure its freedom and sovereignty as well as new information about the larger mission to support humanity, of which the Allies are a part.

The publication of The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe is an opportunity to introduce new people to the complete Allies of Humanity message and bring attention to all four sets of Briefings. This is an opportunity to present the full story of the Allies, the Intervention, the situation facing humanity and the larger event of humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community.

What we are doing

• We are launching The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe eBook on for $0.99 to encourage the spread of this message and awareness about the Allies Briefings.

• We are publishing the print book to purchase on New Knowledge Library and through a number of channels and outlets.

• We are publishing the text of the book free online.

• Marshall has written a new introduction which is published within The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe

• Reed is giving a new series of interviews on the Allies Briefings through a variety of radio, podcast and online media platforms. Already we have received five interview offers.

• We are launching a blog on the Allies of Humanity website where the Summers family will be writing about the Allies, the Intervention and the larger Greater Community message.

• We are holding a dedicated Free School session on The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe, which is open to all people to join and participate in.

• We are putting outreach and advertising focus behind the Allies Book Four, directing interest to special pages that present the overall Allies message and links to read The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe for free.

We are working with our team of 70 translators to bring Allies Book Four into 30 languages and we will publish these translations of the individual Briefings upon completion.

Why we need your support

Though it is a small book of only 70 pages, Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe has still taken considerable work to bring into being, by Marshall, his family, the publishing team, as well as our outreach, web and translation teams. Nonetheless, we are inspired to offer this book both free online and as a $0.99 ebook to encourage as many people as possible to read it. This also means foregoing much of the income from the published book and the ability to fund the efforts already made. Knowing there is a community of people here to support this effort, we feel confident this is the correct approach: to publish and spread this fourth communication from the Allies and to share their message to as many people as possible at a low or no cost.

Your financial support also allows us to focus more time and attention on the presentation of The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe through videos, interviews, advertising and other approaches. All of this requires time and resources and your support will make this possible.


• Listen to the live interview on Allies Book Four with Reed Summers on Beyond Reality Radio on Tuesday September 17 at 10:15pm Mountain Time.

• Allies Book Four is currently #58 in the UFO category on Amazon and #3 in the New Releases UFO Category

Ways you can help

• New video on the Allies of Humanity Youtube channel:
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• The teaching Resisting the Intervention is now available online. One place to share it from is the Stop the Alien Threat Facebook page:

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Thank you

Your support enables Marshall Vian Summers, his family and The Society to undertake the publication and release of The Allies of Humanity Book Four: Freedom in the Universe.