An Interview with the Messenger

Where did the New Message come from?

“It was revealed to me by the Angels of God, a powerful, mysterious Presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace.”

You claim to represent a New Message from God. How can you make such a claim?

“The New Message was given to me by the Angels of the Creator. It is a New Revelation for humanity. I was instructed to make this claim.”

By what authority do you claim to present a new covenant, a new testament?

“I have been given this task and I, through Knowledge within me, have recognized it and accepted it. Yet the responsibility to bring this new testament into the world has been immense. It has been a great burden for me.”

How is this New Message different from other teachings?

“It is different because it is about the reality of life and spirituality in the Greater Community (universe) and because it represents Knowledge and Wisdom beyond what humanity has established so far.”

Is this meant to replace the religions of the world?

“No, the New Message is intended to give the world’s spiritual traditions a greater scope, a greater perspective and a greater context in which to continue to exist, to grow and to evolve.”

What do you mean by the Greater Community?

“This is the larger arena of intelligent life in the universe into which humanity is now emerging.

How did you become qualified to be the one selected to present this?

“I was selected and then I became prepared.”

Are you the only one who has received this New Message?

“Though many people are being called to help me, I am the only one.”

What is it like to be in contact with the Angels of the Creator?

“It is unlike anything else in the world. Words cannot describe it.”

Are you a perfect person?

“I am imperfect, yet that which I represent is perfect. It is beyond human invention and manipulation. It is a gift from the Creator to a struggling humanity.”

Who are you to say this? You are just a man? Do you think you are a God?

“No, I am not a God. I am a man who was chosen to do this, and it has been very difficult for me. And because I have to deal with so much doubt and suspicion and avoidance and denial from others, it is still difficult for me. But I must present the New Message from God because I know it to be true. I have seen it. It has been shown to me.”

Who is showing it to you? Are you being deceived?

“No. Once you have experienced the presence of God and God’s Angels, well, there is no doubt.”

Well, do you believe in Jesus Christ?

“Well, I am representing his will in this matter, for he is overseeing humanity’s preparation for the Greater Community along with the other great spiritual emissaries for humanity.”

What do you say to people who don’t believe you?

“Well, you can doubt me or take issue with me, but that is not the real issue because I am just delivering the New Message. You have to deal with the New Message. If you don’t want to deal with the New Message, or you are afraid of the New Message, or can’t handle it, well, you will put all of your attention on the messenger. But that’s not it. I am a human being. I am fallible. You can find flaws with me if you wish. But that still means you can’t deal with the New Message.”

What does the New Message tell us that we have not already heard from our Great Teachers in the past?

“The New Message from God tells us that we are emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe, that the world is being infiltrated by forces from beyond that oppose human freedom, and that we are facing Great Waves of environmental and economic change in the world which will create a future that will be unlike the past. It is these three great events which people and nations are unprepared for and that is why there is a New Message from God in the world.”

You speak about the Extraterrestrials who are currently visiting our world. Are they here to help us with our problems?

“They may seem to help to us, but only to gain our allegiance.”

Well, are any of the ETs good for us?

“Yes, but those are not the ones who are interfering in human affairs.”

Why is your message being presented now?

A Greater Darkness is in the world. It is unlike anything that humanity has ever faced before. Contact has begun, but it is Contact with a dark purpose. In addition, we are facing converging waves of great change—climate change, environmental deterioration, diminishing food and energy resources and the growing threat of conflict and war.

My message has come from the Angels of the Creator who are urgently attempting to enable humanity to recognize this and to prepare for encountering these new realities with wisdom and sobriety. These are the greatest events in human history, but humanity is unprepared.”

What does the New Message speak about?

“It speaks about the deeper nature of human spirituality and the spirituality of life in the universe. It speaks about individual freedom and safeguarding the freedom of humanity. It speaks about humanity uniting in its own defense for the preservation of the world. It speaks about facing and offsetting the Greater Darkness that is in the world.”

Why do you call this a Greater Darkness?

“Because it is different and more dangerous than anything that humanity has ever encountered before. We are no longer alone in the Universe or even within our own world. Our isolation is now over.”

What is God’s Will for humanity?

“The Creator wills that humanity be prepared for the Great Waves of change and for its encounter with the realities of life in the universe. The Creator has sent a warning, a blessing and a preparation. Together they represent a New Revelation for humanity.”

How is this different from other teachings?

“It is different because it is the teaching in Greater Community Spirituality which represents God’s Will at work in the larger universe in which we live. It is a rare gift that has come at just the right time.”

How long does it take to learn this teaching?

“Well, it depends on what a person has learned thus far and how much has to be unlearned.”

Do you consider yourself to be an avatar or a saint or a savior?

“No. I am here to bring the New Message into the world. Nothing more, nothing less.”

How did you prepare to do this?

“I was prepared through great and mysterious means.”

Does everyone have to hear your message? Is it for everyone?

“Yes, it is for everyone, but only a few at the outset will be able to recognize the real meaning of this gift from the Creator and why it is so needed in the world at this time. This is a great calling!”

Is this the only way people can prepare for the things you speak of?

“This is the Way that the Creator has provided.”

Why should we be prepared for the Greater Community?

“Because extraterrestrial forces from the Greater Community are in the world today seeking to gain influence and control here through subversion and deception. Facing a declining world, the human family is vulnerable to this persuasion. Humanity must recognize and offset this Intervention if it is to maintain its freedom and its self-determination amidst the presence of greater intervening forces.”

Well, this sounds very fearful.

“No, it is not fearful. It is simply the truth. If you will take the time to look into this without fear or preference, the situation will become clear to you.”

Well, this should be more loving. It does not sound loving to me.

“It is simply the truth, and I am being loving by presenting it to you. The New Message is a gift of immense love from the Creator. This love is intended to save humanity from a great peril and to prepare humanity for a greater future and destiny in the Greater Community.”

How do you know that your message and your role are real?

“It is known to me because it has been revealed to me.”

Well, who has revealed it to you?

“The Angels of the Creator have revealed it to me, and it is revealed to you through the New Message.”

Why should we believe this message of yours?

“Well, it is not a question of belief. It is a question of recognition and of Knowledge. If you can experience this in your heart, then you will know that I am being genuine with you.”

Well, aren’t you just trying to raise money or to become wealthy and take advantage of people?

“No, I am not made wealthy by this work. It is a great burden and sacrifice for me and my family. It has come at a great cost to us. Yet I am here to give something to people that they would not be able to find anywhere else.”

Well, what would studying this New Message give to me?

“It will give you courage. It will give you direction in your life. It will provide the means for you to learn to become wise and powerful, loving and compassionate. It will help you to protect the world which is now threatened both by forces from beyond and by human ignorance and abuse. If these things are important to you, then perhaps you have found a way.”

What do you say to people who accuse you of things?

“I say, read God’s New Message completely. Be with it with an open mind. Then I will listen to your complaints.”

Well, aren’t you being very negative in your assessment of the ET visitors?

“No, I am just presenting a greater truth about the matter. It is not whether it is positive or negative. That is your response.”

What do you say to those who accuse you of making this all up?

“I say there is no person in the world who possesses the wisdom and Knowledge that is contained in the New Message. It is too big, it is too deep and it is too real. It has the power to utterly transform your life.”

Well, where is the evidence of this great threat that you speak of?

“People everywhere know that something is very wrong in the world. While people continue to blame one another for this, humanity is facing a far greater threat from beyond. The evidence is all around us. But to see this, you must look with clear eyes—without fear, preference or condemnation.”

How can people find their Higher Purpose in life?

“The gift is within you. The Way of Knowledge is here. The Way can only be known. For it to be known, you must have a foundation in Knowledge. That is why we take the Steps to Knowledge. It is not a matter of opinion or viewpoint. It is a matter of recognizing the truth face to face and experiencing it deeply. Therefore, for those who can see, hear and respond, there is a “Way” to find what you most deeply know and what you are here to do. You are free to disagree with me and take issue with me, but you will not know what I know or see what I see until you have advanced in the preparation provided by the New Message.”

What is Wisdom?

“Wisdom is being able to live with Knowledge.”

Well, what is Knowledge?

“It is living with Wisdom.”

Well, that does not answer my question.

“There is only one answer to your question, and that is to make the journey. You only know Wisdom by learning Wisdom. You only know Knowledge by gaining a relationship with Knowledge. There is no other way.”

What is it that you are here to do?

“I am the representative of a New Revelation for humanity. My task is to share this great gift with as many people as possible. It is the Creator’s Message to us all.”

What does the New Revelation offer people?

“It takes you to a greater vantage point. It creates the context for you to discover what you are here to do. It gives you the power to see, to know and to act. It offers you a way to find Knowledge within yourself. But you must take the journey. You cannot simply learn these things by asking me questions or trying to interpret these ideas.”

What do you have to say to people who make similar claims?

“This role was given to me alone, but you can help the world if you are genuinely moved to do so. Everyone needs to help in preserving human sovereignty and freedom in this world.”

People will attack you. How will you respond to them?

“Well, if you cannot receive a New Message from the Creator, then you must look at your own handicap. This is a Revelation for our time and the times to come. It is God’s Will that this be presented now.”

How can people be sure of what you are saying?

“If you want to find out, then you must undertake the preparation that the Creator has provided. It is the only way you will know what this means. Without this, you are merely guessing and your guesses are based upon your fears and prejudices and not upon a deeper experience.”

Are you a Master?

“No, Knowledge is the Master.”

You are a Saint then?

“I do not think of myself in this way.”

Why do you speak in such a careful manner?

“Because every word is important in expressing something of this magnitude. Every word must fulfill itself in my attempt to share with you something of the greatest importance.”

How did this Revelation come about?

“I began my career teaching the blind. Then one day I had to stop and I began to teach about relationship and recognition. I taught that for a period of time, and then I had to stop, and I began to teach Self-Knowledge and Inner Guidance. In 1982 the Revelation began. It was the greatest challenge that I have ever faced.”

Why is this so inexplicable?

“It seems inexplicable because it is inexplicable, and yet this is how the Revelation came to be.”

How does this relate to people’s daily needs?

“The development of Knowledge is absolutely key for people to function with certainty in everyday life. In your relationships, your work, your personal health and your spiritual awareness, you need the power that the Creator has given you to guide and to preserve you. The New Message speaks of this and provides a way to learn these things.”

What is the preparation that you speak of?

“It is a preparation for the Greater Community and for a world in change. It is a preparation for people to gain their true spiritual power and ability in the face of greater opposing forces.”

Well, what can people do to prepare?

“Read the New Message. Listen to the Voice of Revelation. Prepare in The Way of Knowledge. This will lead you to find out what your contribution is, which is already in you waiting to be discovered. But you must learn the way first. You are not ready.”

How can I explain the New Message to other people?

“You can tell them that the Creator has sent a warning, a blessing and a preparation in response to the changing events of the world and the new threshold that humanity is facing in its encounter with life in the universe.

“You can tell them that the New Message is not based upon any one religious tradition or Teaching. It emphasizes the fundamental truths that they all hold in common while presenting a new understanding about Knowledge and Wisdom that have never been given to humanity before. Our current religious traditions cannot in themselves prepare humanity for the Greater Community or for the great change that is coming to the world. That is why a New Message has been sent.

“You can tell them that the New Message emphasizes the primacy of Knowledge, the development of discernment, relationships and recognition and how to live with certainty, strength and wisdom in preparation for a future that will be unlike anything we have ever known.”