Introduction to the New Message

God Has Spoken Again. The Word and the Sound are in the world.

About the New Message

Welcome to the New Message from God. Remarkably, across time and a long and perhaps mysterious journey in life, you have arrived here. You have found the New Message from God or perhaps it has found you. It is no accident that this is so.

God has spoken again. There is a New Message from God in the world. This is the miracle of God’s love and communication for humanity unfolding in our time, and you are amongst the first to know about this.

The New Message from God is an original communication from God to all people in the world. This is a gift of communication and revelation for people of all nations and faiths, given now to a literate world of global communication and growing global awareness.

The New Message is not for one tribe, one nation or one faith group alone. It is God’s communication to the whole world.

This communication has the power to ignite the spiritual heart of humanity, to sound God’s calling for unity amongst the world’s nations and religions and to prepare humanity for a radically changing world and for its destiny in a larger universe of intelligent life.

The New Message was delivered over a period of more than 41 years to Marshall Vian Summers. He has walked a long and arduous journey to receive God’s New Message and bring it to you and to all who can receive it. He is a humble man, sent into the world for this purpose, to be the Messenger for the New Message from God.

Why You?

Why have you arrived here? Why have you found the New Message from God? It may seem like a mystery or a mere random chance. But in fact there is a reason you have found the New Message at this time.

For God is calling across the world for many people to awaken and to prepare for a new and greater life – a life of purpose, relationship and contribution to a world in need. God and the Angelic Assembly are calling for many people to discover their higher purpose and to serve humanity now and in the difficult times ahead.

Are you one of these people? Do you feel that your life has a greater purpose and destiny beyond your mundane circumstances? Do you feel there are others you must find whose purpose and destiny are connected to yours? Do you sense that the world is heading towards a difficult future and that you must find out what this means and how you can prepare?

If so, then your discovery of the New Message may be a rendezvous with destiny. For the New Message provides an answer to these questions and so much more.

The New Message provides a clear pathway for developing Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that lives within you, which alone can reveal your higher purpose and destined relationships in the world.

Why Now?

Remarkably, you live at a great turning point in human history. This is a time of unprecedented change, challenge and opportunity facing people everywhere.

Never before has the risk of war, religious conflict, catastrophic climate change and human suffering been more dire. And yet at no other time has the opportunity for world unity and global cooperation been greater.

No matter where you were born, how you were raised or what your current circumstances are, you are a part of this defining chapter in history. The New Message teaches that we have each chosen to enter the world at this time to serve and contribute to a struggling humanity, to keep alive the spiritual fire at the heart of humanity, and bring the gift of grace and wisdom from our Ancient Home to serve the world as it faces its greatest trials. Consider for yourself: is this why you are here?

The decades ahead will determine the destiny of humanity. It is the actions and decisions of every person both now and in the years ahead that will determine the fate and future of the human family. In the years ahead, humanity will choose either a new way forward of unity and cooperation or a future of permanent conflict and decline. It is because we stand at this great threshold that God has spoken again.

Why a New Message?

The New Message from God has come because of four fundamental crises now emerging in the world:

  1. Great Waves of environmental, social and economic change and upheaval are now converging upon humanity, bringing with them the risk of war and human suffering on a scale never seen before. Humanity has created a global calamity that has the power to change the world as we have known it. For this we are unprepared. Through the New Message, God is providing a new way forward for humanity and a pathway of inner and outer preparation that each person can undertake.
  2. Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Contact has begun by those who seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. For this, humanity is unprepared. For the first time, God is revealing the true nature of this contact and with it the reality and spirituality of life in the universe. This is the greater context for understanding humanity’s evolution and destiny and how God is at work in this world and in all worlds.
  3. The religions of the world are divided and in competition with each other, and even within themselves. Because of this growing competition and conflict, they are weakening the human family and are causing great strife and division at a time when building human unity is of the greatest importance. The New Message teaches that God has initiated all the world’s religions and that they have all been changed by man.
  4. A great inner poverty is felt by people everywhere in countries rich and poor, a disconnection from a sense of greater meaning, relationship and direction in life. People around the world live and suffer with a deep spiritual longing. God has responded to this need and longing by awakening the spiritual power of Knowledge in each person who can respond. Knowledge is our God connection. It will be individuals guided by this Knowledge who will make all the difference in deciding the fate and the future of our world.

As a result of these four crises, God has spoken again to the world with a warning, a blessing and a preparation for all the nations, tribes and religions of humanity.

Our Destiny

The New Message reveals that humanity has a greater destiny as a free and united race in our world and in the Greater Community of life in the universe. Humanity has the power to resolve conflict and restore the environment of the Earth to be its lasting home into the future. Humanity has great spiritual gifts and capabilities that must be protected, brought forth and cultivated worldwide. This is the great opportunity and great necessity before us now.

Yet how can this be done? How can humanity step away from the reckless and disastrous course it is currently on? As Great Waves of environmental, political and economic change threaten the self-interests and personal security of all people, what can inspire and instill a greater motivation and inspiration in the human family?

In the end, it is Knowledge, the deeper spiritual power in all people, that can inspire the actions and motivations necessary for each person to find their higher purpose in life and ultimately for humanity to choose unity and cooperation over competition, division and war.

God has delivered a New Revelation to awaken this spiritual power in all people and inspire a greater vision and ability to build a far better future than our past. Here, God works through individuals from all nations and faith traditions in all situations, working from the inside out.

Great assistance is now being given to the world from God and from the Angelic Assembly, who translate the will of God into human language and understanding. The assistance has come. God has spoken again. There is a new way forward for you and for the whole world.

Where to Begin?

You have found the New Message from God but what does this mean? What do you do next? Take time to be with the importance of this discovery and consider these next steps you can take:

Read and Hear the Voice of Revelation


Read The Proclamation and then hear the original revelations of the New Message:

Read answers to frequently asked questions

Read answers to common questions about the New Message from God, what it is, why it’s here and how it was received.

Read the Story of the Messenger

Marshall Vian Summers has given the past 41 years of his life to receiving the New Message from God. Read the Messenger’s story and learn more about the man responsible for bringing the New Message to Earth.

Hear the Messenger speak

The Messenger is alive in the world today. Periodically he steps forward with a message for the world and for the students of the New Message. Hear the Messenger’s Broadcast.

Take the Journey in Steps to Knowledge

God has provided the Steps to Knowledge as a pathway each person can take to build this core strength and greater ability in life. The Steps are available to all people free of charge online.

Join the Worldwide Community Site of the New Message

Join The Worldwide Community Site of the New Message, made up of students from over 70 countries who are learning and living the New Message from God. Attend the weekly Campfire chat and the live teaching of the Fireside Broadcast.

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