What is the New Message from God?

 “A New Message has been sent from the Creator of all life. It is a message to prepare the individual and to prepare the peoples of the world to survive and to advance through the great perils that await humanity. It is a great gift in the face of an urgent need.”

There is a New Message from God in the world. It is a gift from the Creator of all life for the protection and advancement of humanity. It contains a warning, a blessing and a preparation for all the peoples of the world.

The New Message is not based upon any existing religious tradition or spiritual teaching. It is a gift for people of all nations and faiths. It honors the enduring truth in all the great Messages that the Creator has ever given to the world, yet it is unlike anything that has ever been revealed to humanity before.

The New Message from God is a genuine communication from the Creator that has been sent into the world at a time of great change, conflict and upheaval. The New Message provides the knowledge, wisdom and direction that humanity could not provide for itself to meet the great challenges that are now facing the entire human family.

The New Message is an answer to the sincere prayers of people from all nations and faith traditions for freedom, security and deliverance. It is a new revelation about humanity’s One Spirituality, the preservation of the world and humanity’s future and destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.