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Patricia Summers

Patricia Summers

Receiving ‘The Pilgrimage’

Thank you for reading this message and for wanting to know about the process of Revelation that Marshall Vian Summers is engaged in.

This account is an attempt to bring you in close, close to the environment of Revelation, almost as if you are standing at the entrance of the “cave of revelation.”

Receiving “Suffering”

On July 5, 2017, Marshall Vian Summers was called again to receive Revelation. He has been undergoing this experience of Divine communication for over 30 years, which has resulted in the largest body of Revelation ever to be received. This experience of being “called” has occurred hundreds and hundreds of times no matter where Marshall was in day-to-day life—physically, mentally or emotionally.

Receiving “What Really Matters”

An Afterglow Account from Patricia Summers: The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives ‘What Really Matters’ on June 26, 2017, in Boulder, CO, July 9, 2017
Dear All, Thank you all for following the process of Divine Revelation that is unfolding through Marshall Vian Summers, the man responsible for receiving, rendering and giving a New Message from God to the world.

Receiving “The New God Experience”

Important News: Just over 24 hours ago, in the early hours of Tuesday, January 3, 2017, Marshall Vian Summers was called again.
He received the latest revelation, The New God Experience.

Receiving “The Great Coordination”

First of all, special thanks to all of you who have found The New Message from God and who are reading this communication. We here at The Society for the New Message want you to be the first to know that a mere few days ago, Marshall Vian Summers, the man who has spent over 30 years of his life receiving the largest body of Divine Revelation ever, was called again.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, the expansive teaching, The Great Coordination, was received.

Receiving “The Remembrance”

To all of you who would like to know of the Messenger’s experience of receiving revelation, we send this message to you in order that you be the first to know this.
Amidst a week of work and concern for the needs of the New Message and for The Society, alongside some complex health considerations and the need to elucidate the related next steps, the Messenger was called.

Receiving “The Greater Intelligence”

Today, amidst this busy, last week before the Worldwide Community of the New Message convenes at our Encampment, high up in the Rocky Mountains, and with all of the preparation that this entails, Marshall Vian Summers was called to receive the Voice of Revelation.

Receiving ‘Courage’

An Afterglow Accounting from Patricia Summers: The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives “Courage” on August 9, 2015, in Boulder, CO. Comments? August 10, 2015 A Message to the Worldwide Community of the New Message: To all, The revelation “Courage” was received Sunday, August 9th, by the Messenger. You are amongst the first to know this. Marshall awoke… Read More

Receiving ‘The Great Alliance’

A Message from Patricia Summers: The Afterglow of Revelation… The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives “The Great Alliance,” received on July 20, 2015, in Boulder, CO. Comments? July 25, 2015 To all, It was Monday evening, July 20th at about 9:33 pm. The Society had been engaged for several hours in a lengthy meeting that… Read More

Receiving ‘The Determination’

It was about 6:30 in the morning when Marshall Vian came to me while I was still sound asleep. He had been up late the night before, like so many nights recently, engaging in an exchange with his Source community beyond this world.

Receiving “The Great Warning”

The Afterglow of Revelation… The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new Revelation: “The Great Warning” (April 26, 2015, in Boulder, Colorado, USA) Comments? It is a rainy spring day with low mists covering the ridgeline above. New leaves on the trees are just blooming a brilliant lime green. The Messenger awoke with concerns for… Read More

Receiving “Resilience”

By Patricia Summers: Today as an epidemic is sweeping across regions of West Africa and people are dying as a result each day…As gale force winds and damaging coastal swells strike the UK…And right now as frightening conflict, great and small, is erupting throughout the Middle East, causing death, havoc, and posing what is endless threat and destruction to people and children who are only trying to live their lives…

Receiving “Religious Fundamentalism”

An Alert from Patricia Summers: Today the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives Religious Fundamentalism Sep 23, 2014 Alert – to the Worldwide Community of the New Message: (Comments?) Note: This “Alert” is coming to you one day after the day Religious Fundamentalism was received due to the fact that so much was happening for The Society… Read More

Receiving “Poverty”

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new Revelation: “Poverty” (September 10, 2014, 12:05 pm, 27:03 mins. in Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Receiving “Grace”

The Afterglow of Revelation… The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new Revelation: “Grace” (September 8, 2014, 30:45 minutes in Boulder, Colorado, USA) To the Worldwide Community of the New Message, It was early in the morning around 6:20 AM. Marshall came to me as I slept and roused me. “I was awoken, Patricia,” he… Read More

Receiving The Messenger’s Calling

On September 3, 2014, the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, received the Revelation “The Messenger’s Calling” Boulder, Colorado To the Worldwide Community of the New Message, (The Messenger’s Calling received on September 3, 23:57 minutes) It was a clear, quiet, early autumn morning. We could hear a train far off sounding its horn at a distant crossing.… Read More

Receiving Muhammad and the New Message from God

On July 19, 2014, the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, received the Revelation “Muhammad and the New Message from God” in Boulder, Colorado The following is an accounting of the time and circumstances of this important event, which occurred in the 65th year of the Messenger’s life, at a time when he was also engaged in a… Read More

The Messenger receives “The Temple”

To the Worldwide Community of the New Message, I would like you to know that on December 24th, 2013 at 1:00 PM Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger for the New Message from God, received a revelation entitled “The Temple”. I would like to share with you the story of how this revelation was received. It was… Read More

Receiving “The Journey of the Messenger”

On Sunday, July 14, 2013 Marshall received the newest revelation in a 30 year process of divine communication, now known in the world as The New Message from God. This newest revelation is called, The Journey of the Messenger. The circumstances under which The Journey of the Messenger was received: It was a warm, bright summer… Read More

A Revelation Seeking Its Relationship with the World

Patricia Summers speaks on the story and struggle of bringing a New Message from God into the world and how this New Message is seeking its relationship with Humanity now, in 2012. Published Dec 25, 2011.   LISTEN: If you take the people closest to this man, who is in a position to have to… Read More

The Voice of Revelation

April 14th, 2011 It was an early Thursday morning in April when I got up from bed and found Marshall out of sorts. He said he was awoken very suddenly and intensely. “It was like having all the lights turned on at once when sound asleep.” He paused for a moment. “It’s too much pressure,”… Read More

Reed Summers

Reed Summers

Launching a “Message to Earth”

Full video of an evening to celebrate the global launch of Allies Book 3: A Message to Earth. This video celebration took place at the Greater Community Sanctuary.

An invitation to join us…

Hello New Message students, supporters and friends worldwide, I’d like to invite you to join the Worldwide Community Monday January 28th at 6:30pm for a LIVE broadcast event celebrating the birth of Marshall Vian Summers – who has brought us Steps to Knowledge, The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the 9000 revelation of The New… Read More

As the Sun Rose over Tehran

by Reed Summers (Part 2 of the Messenger's Journey to Iran. Part 1) A tapping sound entered my dreams and I labored in my sleep to make sense of it. There was a man standing in the dark shade of fir trees. Behind him was a hillside of gold aspens and up between the branches… Read More

An Uncomfortable Revelation

Reed Summers speaks on living in the midst of a New Message from God: the discomfort, the challenge and the opportunity.

Witnessing the Revelation

by Reed Summers When I was 10 years old I climbed to the top floor of our house because I heard a voice. I went up slowly, pausing to listen. I crawled on hands and knees across the short landing that led to my parents room and pressed my ear against the door. It was… Read More

The Messenger in Tehran

(In 2008, I accompanied the Messenger to Iran. This is part 1 of my recollection of that important journey. Part 2) Heat rose like steam off the streets of Tehran. Every few blocks we came upon a new river: six lanes moving fast and no street lights to slow the rushing cars. It was 5pm and… Read More

My Father

For 29 years, my father has undergone a process of revelation. This started with a mysterious voice and a mandate to “record,” an encounter that changed his life permanently and forever. That was in 1982. In the years since, my father Marshall Vian Summers has received 9160 pages of revelation through 800 visitations from this… Read More