Receiving “Grace”

Receiving “Grace”

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Patricia and Marshall

The Afterglow of Revelation…

The Messenger Marshall Vian Summers received a new Revelation: “Grace” (September 8, 2014, 30:45 minutes in Boulder, Colorado, USA)

To the Worldwide Community of the New Message,

It was early in the morning around 6:20 AM.

Marshall came to me as I slept and roused me.

“I was awoken, Patricia,” he said urgently.

“I heard in my mind strongly, “Wake up!”

As I tried to focus and wake myself up, Marshall continued, “I knew because when I opened my eyes, the air was thick like soup.” (Pause)

“The Presence is so powerful now, like the Great Rays being shone on me. I can’t do anything else.”

He paused on the edge of the bed, gazing off, surrendering.

As I found myself still trying to wake up, the Messenger was well on his way to Revelation.

I got up and prepared as quickly as I could.

Tea, recorders, lowering shades, phones off, watches with alarms relocated to another room.

By then, Marshall was sitting in his chair, gazing, and very still.
I knew the Presence was descending upon him. It was everywhere.
He closed his eyes and began uttering his prayers quietly.
He sat completely motionless.
The Presence grew and grew.

An airplane sailed high overhead.
The early dawn light was streaming through the cracks between the shades.
It looked lovely out, birds faintly chirping.

The minutes passed.
Marshall was completely stone still. Head bowed, straining his neck, arms resting, palms down on his lap pillow.

Then suddenly he sat upright, leaning back.
His eyes remained closed and then at 6:46 AM, the Voice spoke.

“Let us begin. Today, we will speak on Grace.”

And then very slowly the Voice quietly repeated, “ Grace, the Great Presence becomes directed at you when you are following Knowledge…”

And again softly, “Grace, which is an experience of immediate connection with those who have sent you into the world.”

“Grace, which comes to you in an act of selfless giving…”

The Voice continued on to speak about what Grace is.

Leaning forward, Marshall’s body stiffened.
His hands on their sides, fingers extended as if a force was flowing through them, thumbs pointing upward.

“It changes the chemistry of your brain and the experience of your body.
It puts you into a different state and alters your perception.
It suspends your mind so that you can be present, so that you can experience Grace.”

“True recognition in relationship can bring the experience of Grace.”

Marshall sat back. Index fingers pointing oddly up and out.
Then his hands began lightly gesturing and remained suspended in the air.

“Grace. It is the experience of divine relationship.”

And on and on…

“It is the part of you that will live longer and beyond everything you touch and see…that which directs and restores your life is most certainly Grace.”

The Voice continued.

Then holding his head, he stretched his neck.

I wondered, “Was he feeling relief or pressure?”

He leaned forward, reaching for the tea mug while still speaking, eyes closed. He sipped and set the mug down, amazingly not spilling, his left elbow shaking.

I wondered, “How did he not spill anything?”

He bent over, and then more forward, leaning on his lap pillow, hands resting flat.

“Grace is relationship. It is shared responsibility.”

“It is a life that is committed and determined according to the direction of Heaven.”

Marshall’s hands, palms facing up now, raised in front of him with emphasis.

“It is the force that is here to move your life…”

“Grace will give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but first it must change your life.”

“God has provided the Steps to Knowledge to bring you to Grace.”

“Heaven will teach you how to be in the world in a new way, so Grace can move through you.”

I was in such awe.

Marshall’s hands covered his eyes briefly for a time.

Then his left hand and arm moved up and down with emphasis. It seemed that a force or a power was suspending him, upholding him as he did this.

“Grace comes with our Voice.
Grace comes with God’s New Revelation for the world.”

Then, slowly, very slowly, his hands returned to the pillow.

The Voice ceased at 7:16 AM.

Marshall sat completely still for 2-3 minutes. Then he yawned.
Dogs were barking nearby.
He sat back and gazed into midair for some time more.
Eventually, he came back to himself. He turned to look at me…
And then he recorded these things for all of you to know:

“I was awoken at 6:15 in the morning, brought out of sleep, the Voice telling me to awaken, to be prepared to receive a teaching. As I lay there for a few minutes, I could feel the power of the Presence. The room felt like it was thick as soup. I felt a weight upon me, like the Cloud of Revelation was descending, and I could feel that pressure. It was so strong that I could barely do anything else.

“I walked outside to see a beautiful sunrise and then came back in and began to prepare, and asked my wife Patricia to be with me. She made me tea, which is so wonderful because it keeps my throat open and clear. All the while, I was not certain what this was going to be about, but moments before the Voice began, the word “Grace” came into my mind and the words, “We will speak on Grace.”

“I find it helpful when I can know ahead of time what the theme is, but it doesn’t always happen that this is the case. But today the word “Grace” appeared and the confirmation that this would be the theme of this teaching, this part of God’s New Message for the world.

“When it began, it took me awhile to let the Voice really speak freely. It was speaking, but I could tell I wasn’t quite ready. But then I sort of melted into the experience, and I do not recall what is said, except maybe a few things. You see, when it is over, it is over.

“Then the Cloud of Revelation begins to lift but does not go away. It is as if it becomes a low cloud cover, like a fog that hangs over the land. You can see under it for a ways. And that is an afterglow experience for me, very quiet inside. No thoughts. No questions. No attempt to understand. Wonderfully free, I am just there. I bask in that for a short time and then the Cloud begins to ascend.

“I have to take care of the recorders and the equipment in front of me, and begin to come back into the world. But I am not fully back. It will take probably all day for me to get fully functional here after an experience like this.”

This is the Afterglow and commentary on the teaching on “Grace.”

On September 3rd, five days before the revelation on “Grace” was given and recorded, Marshall received the revelation, “The Messenger’s Calling.” And then two days later on September 10th, he received the New Message teaching on “Poverty.”

And so the Revelation continues… and the Messenger goes on…

Patricia Summer's notes on the Afterglow of Revelation

Patricia Summers’ notes on the Afterglow of Revelation

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  1. Reagan Simiyu Posted on June 1, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Thank you Patricia Summer for the AfterGlows. Thank you the messenger Marshal for delivering the message. Above all, I thank One True God for giving humanity these revelations.

    Nasi Novare Coram.

  2. Meer Posted on July 8, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Reading this, it made me all quite inside. The impact and experience of receiving a Revelation must be enormously imposing.

  3. Olarewaju taiwo. Posted on December 30, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    Big thanks to the messager.

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