Receiving “Religious Fundamentalism”

Receiving “Religious Fundamentalism”

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An Alert from Patricia Summers:

Today the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers receives

Religious Fundamentalism

Sep 23, 2014

Alert – to the Worldwide Community of the New Message:


Note: This “Alert” is coming to you one day after the day Religious Fundamentalism was received due to the fact that so much was happening for The Society and the Messenger at this time. All the while the Revelation for a world in grave need continues to pour in. We are glad we are able get this news to you all…

We here at The Society want you, the Worldwide Community, to know of this historic occurrence today.

Around midnight last night, Marshall Vian Summers was summoned by the Voice of Revelation and received important instructions regarding future writings to come.

This midnight visitation was a prelude to what would occur early this morning, six hours later.

8:30 am MST: Here are the text messages I sent to The Society early this morning:

At 6:00 am, Marshall was awoken.  He is now just emerging from receiving a strong and directed revelation, Religious Fundamentalism.     Very important for religion and for the fervent among them, but also for the rest of the world that has been so traumatized by religious violence, extremism and forceful expansion.     He now prepares for a medical appointment due to growing dental discomfort. Despite this, he was still able to receive.

Today The Society emailed the Afterglow accounting of “Poverty,” the revelation  originally received by the Messenger on September 10th.  You may have received this email message.  We encourage you to read this when you have time.

It is perhaps overwhelming or confusing for you to receive an Afterglow accounting of the revelation “Poverty”, as well as an Alert regarding “Religious Fundamentalism” on the same day.

Yet this is an opportunity for you to consider what may be happening to the Messenger as he receives successive revelations, why this is happening and what is required of him.

Revelations received in the last 3 weeks:

* The ‘Afterglows’ (or a more detailed accounting) of Marshall’s receiving of “The Vehicle of Revelation” and “Religious Fundamentalism” are forthcoming.

What we are seeing here is a true depiction of how the Messenger has received the New Message Revelation over decades—in clusters and in blizzards, or sometimes just one revelation after a considerable length of time and then silence…

There is one remarkable truth here about how the New Message revelation has occurred.
When the Messenger is called, he always responds.
Sometimes he is physically well, and sometimes the Messenger is not well.
He perseveres either way, bearing the most comprehensive Revelation ever given to the human family.

Therefore, let us remember him and know that although the Messenger was not well, he was called. He responded. And he goes on…

Patricia Summers

“May Marshall receive the blessings of all who care about him and his Message.”
– Darlene Mitchell
(in the context of sharing a conversation she had with a student in Turkey who was speaking of his love for Marshall)

Patricia Summers notes while capturing the 'Afterglow' of Revelation
Patricia Summers’ Afterglow Notes on the Process of Revelation

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