Working to bring the print and digital New Message from God to people around the world

freebooks :::::

We offer free books of the New Message to individuals who lack the funds to purchase it themselves. Our normal policy is to gift one free print book and one free ebook of your choice per year; however, due to COVID mail delays and suspensions worldwide, we will be temporarily offering only ebooks at this time. Currently, we are offering two ebooks per year. 

Please fill out the form on this page to receive a New Message ebook of your choice.  Thank you for your interest in the New Message and thank you for your understanding. We pray for your safety and well-being during these difficult times.

prisonbooks :::::

We donate complete collections of the New Message library to prison institutions across the United States. We are honored to enable the men and women based in these institutions to study Steps to Knowledge and the other sacred texts of God’s New Message.

From D.H in a Texas state prison

I read Wisdom Volume I & Volume II, Allies of Humanity I & II. I’m now reading them again and will most likely reread them many times. See, I have 24/7 that all I have to do is study and read. I’m carrying on alone. Well, not alone cause I do have you all and the unseen ones, and most of all I have Knowledge within. Oh, yes, some of the Steps to Knowledge seem to be confusing, but when I get to the review and read over it again, it seems to come to light…I talk to God just like I would talk to a friend. Actually I get quite frank with God at times cause I want to know.”

I’ve just finished with Step 71 “I am here to serve a Greater Purpose.” Practicing where I’m at is tough because of all the people and noise, but I’m doing the best I can. I know that I will succeed if I just keep going and I know I have a purpose to serve a Greater Purpose.”

educationbooks :::::

We donate cases of books to Bridge to Asia and Better World Books, which partners with literary initiatives worldwide, such as Books for Africa & India, and Room to Read.

audiooncd :::::

Our websites provide numerous texts and audio, we also understand there are individuals and communities who cannot access the internet and who would benefit from digital versions of the New Message texts. We therefore offer audio downloads of revelations of the New Message texts free of charge. To access the audio downloads, go to

Join us in this endeavor :::::

Our world has more than seven billion people. They live in 196 countries and speak thousands of languages. And many lack access to a computer, the internet or the basic funds to obtain a book.

Into this world, God has sent a New Message. Yet facing so many political, economic and language barriers, will God’s New Message be delivered to humanity in time? Will this message reach the millions of people who are waiting to hear it?

Its the primary mission of The Society to meet this challenge; to make the New Message available to people no matter where they live; in cities or villages, whether they have access to the internet and a computer or not, whether they speak English or Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew, Chinese or Swahili.

With your financial support, we can accomplish this great endeavor. Your donation of any amount allows the Society’s freebookproject to continue bringing the books, mp3 audio downloads and digital texts of the New Message to people around the world, in many languages,  in many formats; and all at no cost to the recipient. 

Printing, shipping, translation and travel are tremendous costs in our modern world and communicating with the thousands of people who contact us to learn about the New Message requires a large amount of staff and volunteer hours.

If you believe in education about the Greater Community, the Great Waves of Change and the New Message from God, please consider donating to make this incredible gift available to others.

It is the primary mandate of God’s New Message itself that it be given directly to the people, without intermediary authorities or institutions; given to people wherever they are and whatever their need may be.

Humanity is waiting for the New Message from God. Humanity needs it and so thoroughly deserves to receive it now.