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The Steps Vigil

May 26 – June 14, 2022

The Steps Vigil is a worldwide commemorative broadcast event honoring the 20-day period in which Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989.

Steps to Knowledge is the core book of spiritual practice in the New Message from God. It forms the hub and center of an enormous body of Revelation. Steps to Knowledge is the pathway of spiritual development in The Way of Knowledge given for the advancement of humanity.

The Steps Vigil offers students the opportunity to recognize the gift of Steps to Knowledge and to potentially take retreat, with the Presence of Knowledge, the Messenger, and our community of students for the quickening of our lives and our movement towards the higher purpose we were sent into the world to fulfill.

Participate in this Live Worldwide Broadcast event taking place on May 26th, and 27th, June 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, and 14th online through Zoom, broadcasting from Boulder, CO, USA. For more information, please email

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The Encampment

October 21 – October 24, 2022


The next Encampment will be from Friday, October 21, 2022, through Monday, October 24, 2022, at Estes Park Center – YMCA of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. The application process is now open for this important event.

Students of the New Message are invited to this immersion experience with the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, his family, and students from around the world.

On retreat from everyday life, in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains, you will have the chance to explore the greater direction and purpose of your life.

Together, we will delve into our relationship with Knowledge and build connections with others in the Worldwide Community of students who are responding to the New Message at this increasingly critical time in the world.

The Encampment is for people who have been impacted by the New Message and feel their journey in life may be connected to studying the New Message and supporting its mission in the world.

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The Messenger’s Vigil

February 18 – 20, 2022


Join Marshall Vian Summers along with Reed and Patricia Summers for a 3-day event introducing a new way of learning, living and being in the world as presented by the New Message from God. The world is calling for our preparation for Great Waves of environmental, economic and social change and for the discovery and activation of our Knowledge, the spiritual intelligence within us. This 3-day event is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the New Message as well as the inner and outer preparation needed to navigate a difficult and changing world around us.

Video broadcast teachings will be followed by opportunities to engage with other readers and students of the New Message on Zoom, both in small groups and in an open floor discussion. Here you have the chance to learn from the Messenger, his family and from the experience of others and gain the comprehension and inspiration to help you move forward in your life at this time.

Details for the 2023 Messenger’s Vigil will be forthcoming…

Teachings by Marshall Vian Summers

Next date forthcoming…

Watch the latest Teachings from Marshall Vian Summers on the Worldwide Community Site.

Marshall is speaking to the great need for the spiritual renewal of the individual and the preparation given in the New Message to begin this process. He is speaking to the needs, role and function of the Worldwide Community of respondents and how each of us can find and contribute our greater gifts to this world.

Marshall is bringing forward the wisdom and inspiration carried within him through his unique and direct connection to the Angelic Assembly that oversees our world and through his profound connection to the process of receiving the vast Revelation of the New Message from God. He is speaking to the nature of studenthood of the New Message and what that may mean for each of us.

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